5 tips that show you how to advertise online on a small budget

Scarce advertising funds are the bane of many brands – especially those just entering the market or private individuals who only want to sell their products, for example. Without advertising and informing many people about our offer, we cannot count on a wide reception and high sales.

However, there are several proven and, most importantly, cheap or even free ways to advertise your brand, project or business online. With these, we can effectively advertise online and attract potential customers to take a look at our offer.

What are these ideas and ways? How do you do them yourself? Is it worth it? All the answers to the questions below.

Is it possible to advertise effectively with a small budget?

Many people ask themselves whether it is possible to advertise effectively and efficiently online without a large financial outlay. The answer to this question is yes, and the web allows even with a modest advertising budget to attract customers and promote your brand.

Although the bigger the budget, the easier it becomes to advertise and we have more options to choose from – we can also become visible on the web for free or with minimal advertising funds.

In such a situation, it is enough to minimise costs, e.g. by doing as much as possible yourself or simply choosing the most effective means of advertising that has the best price/effect ratio.

Buzz marketing

The first way to advertise economically online is through word-of-mouth marketing. It consists of publishing positive posts about our brand online. These usually take the form of a few sentences of an invitation or informing recipients about our company.

This type of advertising is used by large companies, individuals and bloggers who want to make a name for themselves online. Such entries are not complicated or demanding. We can prepare them ourselves and then publish them online.

Therefore, whisper marketing can be a cost-effective way to promote a brand online. It is certainly worth using this method of advertising at the beginning of our business path, when we are just entering the market with our blog, product or project. This will allow us to inform many people of our existence in a short time and at minimal cost.

Entries can be added on thematic forums, in social media groups or on popular blogs in the comments.

Viral Marketing

A second, interesting and cost-free way of advertising can be viral marketing. This is a type of promotion which consists in creating intriguing or useful material that will spread “virally”, i.e. be recommended by friends or users among themselves.

For this to happen, however, the material must have an interesting form and character. It may be, for example, a ridiculous meme, an intriguing attempt at breaking a record or a useful statistic that will benefit many people.

Viral marketing also includes videos, usually styled as amateur videos, which attract with their original theme. In viral materials, in addition to attractive content, we can openly present the brand name or its logo or a link, but these elements should not be the main motive of the advertisement, but only give the possibility to identify us.

Interesting material will spread around the web for free, and we will benefit from its increasing popularity.

Social Media Profile

Free advertising on the internet – of course, Social Media cannot be forgotten in this case. This is the place where millions of people come. If you want to establish an online presence at no cost and attract customers or clients, it is worth setting up an official profile for your own project on social media.

Just setting up an account is free, and there is no financial outlay required from us to maintain it. In exchange for free advertising, you can fill out the profile with all your data, publish regular interesting content, e.g. in the form of posts or statistics, and offer your recipients interesting content.

It is also a good idea to actively participate in thematic groups, discuss and make new friends. In this way, many people will notice us and will also follow our profile. It is also a good idea to engage fans, e.g. through numerous competitions, open questions, games or original material such as live broadcasts or webinars.

Cheap advertising on Facebook

A cost-effective way of advertising on the web is also Facebook advertising. Facebook Ads is an advertising system that allows advertisements to be broadcast to its users for a fee. The publishing process is simple, requires no prepayment and is possible with a budget as low as $15.

Once the ad has been created, it is necessary to select its form and audience. In this way, we can accurately determine which people will see the ad based on parameters such as age, gender, location, interests, professional situation, etc. The ad will then be displayed only in the form of an advertisement. In this way, we will display the ad only to people who are very likely to use our offer.

For the price of a dozen or so zloty, we will reach as many as several hundred or several thousand people. By appropriately targeting them, we will effectively spend the budget and obtain many sales. Advertising on Facebook takes the form of typical posts, which are displayed to individuals for a fee, border advertisements or videos. With FB Ads, we can also advertise on Instagram.

Website and website SEO

The last way to advertise cheaply is a slightly more advanced solution. It is the creation of a website or blog, publishing content on it and positioning it. We can create a website for free, for example on a blog platform.

Then, in addition to publishing interesting content, we can position such a site. This will consist of adding seo texts with relevant keywords, linking in external forums, or optimising the site for seo.

There are many guides on the Internet on how to position your own website without buying this service from marketing agencies, for example. A high search engine position on Google in a particular category is a guarantee that many people will go straight from there to our website.

That’s it! I hope this article will help beginners to start their online advertising activities;)